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Name Country Description Initiative Further reading
GEAR2030 EU The European Commission a new High Level Group for the automotive industry called GEAR 2030: it gathers industrial representatives and European associations with EU institutions and national ministries. The objective is to address the challenges faced by the automotive industry and anticipate the future needed regulatory frameworks. European Link
C-ITS Platform EU Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems and Services Platform addresses the main barriers and enablers identified for the deployment of C-ITS in the EU in view to provide policy recommendations to the European Commission for the development of a Communication on the Deployment of C-ITS. European Link
Oettinger Round  Table EU Commissioner Günther H. Oettinger (responsible for Digital Economy and Digital Society) met up with executives of automotive and telecommunications industry during the Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung (IAA) Frankfurt Motor Show, to discuss strategies on how deployment of connected automated driving can be accelerated for the first time. Both sectors committed to close cooperation and common roadmap development. It became a cross-sectorial dialogue between automotive and telecommunication/IT industry to join forces on fast and coordinated deployment of future-proof communication systems and increasing levels of automated driving, thus strengthening Europe’s leading position in connected and automated transport. European Link
OADF N.A The NDS e.V., the ADASIS and SENSORIS representatives decided to coordinate on important questions for autonomous driving in an ‘Open AutoDrive Forum (OADF)’. The OADF is intended to give all stakeholders the opportunity to present their issues and to jointly work on standardized solutions across different standardization organisations and companies. N.A Link

STRIA, the Strategic Transport Research and Innovation Agenda, is a key component of the Energy Union’s Research and Innovation strategy.

In coordination with Member States and Transport Stakeholders, STRIA aims to set out common priorities and deploy innovative solutions to address the Energy Union and other policy goals.

European Link
TM2.0 N.A TM2.0 is a platform whose objective is to provide a discussion forum around the topic of interactive traffic management for all relevant stakeholders, in the entire Traffic Management Procedure value chain. N.A Link
ADASIS N.A ADASIS defines an appropriate interface for exchanging information between the in-vehicle map database, ADAS and automated driving applications. N.A Link
SENSORIS EU Sensoris is a platform that will develop a global standard for vehicle-to-cloud data, and ERTICO ITS Europe will coordinate it European Link
NDS Germany Navigation Data Standard is a registered association with the vision of providing a leading world-wide map standard for automotive grade use. The NDS Association consists of car manufacturers, application/compiler developers, map and service providers. German Link
P.E.A.R.S N.A Prospective Effectiveness Assessment for Road Safety  is an open platform focusing especially on specific  issues. N.A Link
European Truck Platooning Challenge NL With the organisation of the European Truck Platooning Challenge 2016 the Netherlands aimed to cluster strong points as much as possible and so realise truck platooning in the near future. This is done by creating European partnerships between truck manufacturers, the technology sector, industry and governments. Sharing knowledge and experience Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, the Directorate General Rijkswaterstaat, the Netherlands Vehicle Authority (RDW) and the Conference of European Directors of Roads (CEDR). Link
NordicWay EU NordicWay is a pilot project that seeks to enable vehicles to communicate safety hazards through cellular networks on a road corridor through Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. EU Link
Bosh N.A Bosch launches its automated driving initiative in China.
In order to get automated driving off the ground in China, a promising concept is still needed for how to generate high-precision, up-to-the-minute maps. Bosch wants to change this and has signed a collaboration agreement with the Chinese internet group Baidu and the map providers AutoNavi and NavInfo
N.A Link
Baidu Apollo program CH Baidu Apollo program: FAW Group, one of the major Chinese carmakers that will work with Baidu on commercialization of the technology Chinese Link



BE European star rating of consumer vehicles with respect to safety. Similar NCAP organisations exist in other countries. EU Link
ADRT DE Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (of Germany) established the “Automated Driving” Round Table, an advisory body that enables a close exchange of ideas and experience among stakeholders from industry, academia, associations and public administration and pools the required know-how in such a way that a broad-based societal consensus can be achieved on all relevant aspects of automated and connected driving. The Round Table meets twice a year and has, among other things, determined which research areas are to be taken into account when developing automated driving. European – German Link

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