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Suppliers and Tiers

Company Home country Role in CAD Further reading
Alibaba CN Web portal for transactions, car navigation Autonavi, RX5 connected car, YunOS Link
Autoliv SE Active safety systems like radar and camera based systems Link
AVL AT AVL provides system engineering services for autonomous driving functions, develops OEM-specific ADAS/AD software and controls. Link
Baidu CN Web services, Apollo autonomous driving program, AI system DuerOS platform



Bosch GE Connect mobility, parking functions, camera systems, radar based map Link
Catapult Satellite Applications UK Catapult is contributing with experience and knowledge of satellites to autonomous driving. End of 2016 a driverless pod was launched on public road in UK. Link
Continental GE Driving functions, radar systems, e-Horizon Link
CTAG SP The Automotive Technology Centre of Galicia, CTAG, is an organisation created to offer technological solutions to the automotive sector Link
APTIV UK/ US CAD architecture, integration, big driving data Link
Denso JP Radar, lidar, driving assistance systems, artificial intelligence Link
Hella DE Hella and ZF form a partnership on sensor technology such as camera systems, imaging and radar systems. Link
Here DE Mapping and localisation technology, currently working on three dimensional maps. Link
Intel US Computing platform for automated driving, energy efficient computing, scalability, connectivity. Intel GO automotive Link
M2F SP Spanish platform of component manufacturers and RTD. Unfortunately the website is only in Spanish. Link
Mobile-eye IL Technology supplier of hardware (e.g. mono-camera) and software (e.g. including AI, deep learning) for ADAS systems towards fully autonomous vehicles. Link
Mondragon SP The organisation works in the industrial, financial and retail sectors and also develops initiatives in the field of knowledge and education. It is unclear what their role in CAD exactly is. Link
NVIDIA US Drive PX AI enabled computing platform, sensor fusion, HD mapping Link
NXP NL NXP is working on “sensing” components such as radar, cameras or LiDAR, as well as “thinking” components which process the data and fuse it. Link
Qualcomm US Wireless connectivity, V2X, positioning, Qualcomm Drive Data Platform for data collection and processing in car. Link
Ricardo UK Ricardo provides technical consultancy services, in-house engineering capabilities, prototyping and low-volume manufacturing for Automotive and transport systems. Link
Samsung KO Electronics and software for ADAS and AD. Components and artificial intelligence for other brand cars. Link
SES LU SES provides satellite and ground communications solutions. Link
ST life.augmented CH/IL Mobileye and STMicroelectronics are co-developing a central computer performing sensor fusion for Fully Autonomous Driving (FAD) vehicles starting in 2020. Link
Tencent CN Internet, services, cloud, autonomous and electric cars (startup ‘Future mobility’) Link
TomTom NL TomTom works on systems for autonomous vehicles with respect to their location, surroundings and path. Link
Valeo FR Driving assistance systems, lane change assistance, multi-camera system Link
WABCO BE ADAS supplier for Truck industry Link
ZF GE Assistance solutions, new mobility concepts, active and passive safety Link

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