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Vehicle manufacturers

OEM Home country CAD status Further reading
BMW GE Semi-automated driving functions in production, highly automated driving functions in proto test phase. Link
DAF NL DAF Trucks will participate in a two year truck platooning trial in the UK, led by TRL, the UK’s Transport Research Laboratory. The first platooning DAF test trucks are scheduled for trials in the UK end of 2017. Link
Daimler GE Partially automated systems are in production, highly automated systems are being tested, fully automated functions in proto phase. Link
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles I / USA FCA joined the existing partnership between BMW, Mobileye and Intel in Aug 2017. Link
Ford GE / USA Ford state that they have reached the level to have a fully autonomous vehicle in commercial operation in 2021. Link
GM USA GM states to be the first company to assemble self-driving test vehicles in a mass-production facility in January 2017 (Chevrolet Bolt EV test vehicles). Link
Groupe Renault F Groupe Renault states they offer one of the widest range of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). They plan to release an advanced driver assistance system for all motorway traffic conditions in 2018. Link
HONDA   Honda is targeting 2025 for the introduction of (level 4) vehicles with highly-automated driving systems installed. Link
Hyundai Motor Europe D / KOREA Hyundai Motor Group has presented its roadmap for connected car development. They demonstrated advanced self-driving technology through urban trials in Las Vegas 2017. Link

The Japanese government will begin a pilot program running truck convoys on the nation’s highways as soon as fiscal 2018. Practical application is expected to start from fiscal 2021,

Isuzu and Hino are apparently developing the technology with those targets in mind

IVECO I IVECO states end of 2016 that their “the Zero-impact” concept truck anticipates the shift to green energy and autonomous driving in long-distance haulage. Link
Jaguar Land Rover UK Jaguar Land Rover demonstrated in June 2017 a Range Rover Sport fitted with prototype technology that can enable the vehicle to operate autonomously through a city, obeying traffic lights as well as negotiating T-junctions and roundabouts. Link
MAN GE In spring 2018, MAN will operate two-truck platoons on the “Digital Motorway Test Field” on the A 9 in Germany, together with a logistics company. Link
NEVS SE NEVS designs electric vehicles and mobility solutions Link
Nissan JP Nissan is in the phase of demonstrating autonomous drive technology on public roads in Japan, the US and now also EU. Nissan states that autonomous driving on urban roads and in intersections is planned for launch in 2020. Link
PSA Group F In 2018, automatic driving functions “under driver supervision” will be launched. In 2020, level-two (“hands-off”) and level-three (“eyes-off”) autonomous driving functions are planned. Link
Scania SE Scania states that by 2023, it should be possible to drive across Europe on motorways with multi-brand platoons. However, full autonomous trucks will only come later. Link
Tesla USA Tesla claims that all Tesla vehicles produced in their factory have the hardware needed for full self-driving capability at a safety level substantially greater than that of a human driver. Link
Toyota Motor Europe B Toyota is advancing automated driving technology R&D, aiming to launch products based on Highway Teammate (automated driving test vehicle) by around 2020. Link
Volvo Car SE Volvo Cars states that they believe that their first unsupervised autonomous vehicles will be in the market by 2021. Link
Volvo Trucks SE In 2016, Volvo unveiled an autonomous truck for mining operations which is undergoing tests in the Kristineberg Mine. In 2017, Volvo started testing an autonomous, self-driving refuse truck in an urban environment. Link
VW/Audi GE The Volkswagen Group is working on the Sedric Concept Car which is created for level 5 of autonomous driving. Link

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