Last modified on May 28, 2024

Best Practice for communication of safety information for AVs

Best Practice for communication of safety information for AVs

28 May 2024

Automated mobility system manufacturers, developers, and operators need to provide clear information on their safety approach to diverse stakeholders to help build the trust.

The Automated Vehicle Safety Consortium™ (AVSC)1 has released their Best Practice for Core Automated Vehicle Safety Information, towards standardizing communication of AV safety information for AVs in a clear, consistent and explainable manner.

The document highlights considerations when including safety metrics as part of the communicated information. It lists topics that are considered core, provides a rationale, illustrative examples where applicable, suggestions of content to be included for the example, as well as references and industry examples for further information. The topics listed in this best practice are Implementation agnostic and broadly applicable.

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1 The Automated Vehicle Safety Consortium™ (AVSC) is an industry program of SAE Industry Technologies Consortia (SAE ITC®), which work aims to inform and lead to industry-wide standards advancing the safe deployment of Automated Driving Systems.