Last modified on May 9, 2024

EU-Japan Partnership for digital transformation

EU-Japan Partnership for digital transformation

9 May 2024

Launched in 2022, the aim of the EU-Japan Digital Partnership1 is to advance cooperation on digital issues mainly through enhanced collaborative research on cutting-edge technologies, shaping common positions and regulatory dialogue and convergence.

The second Council of this Digital Partnership was recently held, in which European Commissioner for the Internal Market, Thierry Breton, the Japanese Minister for Digital Transformation, Taro Kono, the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications, Takeaki Matsumoto, and the Parliamentary Vice-Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, Taku Ishii, took stock of the progress achieved since the first Digital Partnership Council in 2023, and agreed on further cooperation actions, namely in artificial intelligence (AI), connectivity and cybersecurity.

The EU and Japan will continue their joint work on core digital technologies such as 5G, 6G, semiconductors, high performance computing (HPC) and quantum technology, data, and cybersecurity, including standards and ways to address the skills gap.

  • On 6G, the EU and Japan have launched collaborative research projects and intend to support global standardisation initiatives, crucial in developing 6G technologies.
  • The partners also announced their intention to enhance cooperation between the EU AI Office and Japan’s AI Safety Institute, and to continue supporting the G7 Hiroshima AI Process and Code of Conduct to shape a trustworthy AI global governance.
  • Both sides will continue cooperation on developing direct connectivity links, namely via the Arctic (in line with the Memorandum of Cooperation on submarine cables for secure, resilient and sustainable global connectivity signed on 3 July 2023) to bring forward commercial opportunities, trusted cross-border data flows and oceanographic research.
  • Finally, to ensure a safe online environment, the EU and Japan will explore establishing a channel to exchange regular information on online platforms regulations, such as the European Digital Services and Digital Markets Acts.

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1 The EU-Japan Digital Partnership is part of the EU strategy for Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific that aims to strengthen the EU’s partnerships in Asia. Learn more about the EU Digital Partnerships.