Last modified on May 26, 2023

PrepDSpace4Mobility Stakeholder Workshop

PrepDSpace4Mobility Stakeholder Workshop

10 May 2023


09:30 – 15:00 CET

The workshop aims to provide a platform for mobility and logistics stakeholders to share their needs and requirements in the field of ITS to support the development of the upcoming European Mobility Data Space (EMDS) and to ensure that these are effectively and adequately taken into account in the preparatory action for the EMDS, the PrepDSpace4Mobility Coordination and Support Action.

The workshop explored the different building blocks required for data collection and data sharing in the mobility and logistics domains. Furthermore, participants explored different technologies and standards, the challenges and opportunities associated with each of them as well as the governance frameworks (including policies and regulations) for fair and transparent data sharing and management in the context of the emerging EMDS.

Three different perspectives on data sharing in Europe from EU-funded projects FAME, NAPCORE and FENIX were also presented: