Last modified on July 13, 2023

New Book Publication Explores Innovations in Connected, Cooperative, and Automated Mobility in Europe

New Book Publication Explores Innovations in Connected, Cooperative, and Automated Mobility in Europe

26 June 2023

Dr Stephane Dreher, the coordinator of the FAME project, was recently involved in the publication of vol. 10 of the book titled Road Vehicle Automation, discussing the realm of CCAM in Europe. The book features several contributions of Dr Dreher, together with other key partners of the project. The volume is based on presentations and breakout sessions of the Automated Road Transportation Symposium (#ARTS22) held on July 18-21, 2022 in Garden Grove, CA, USA.

Dr Dreher’s expertise is showcased in two papers included in the book. The first paper, Innovation Strategies and Research Trends for Connected, Cooperative and Automated Mobility in Europe explores the challenges and solutions in deploying CCAM technologies in Europe. It addresses coordination, cross-sector stakeholder engagement, and the role of the CCAM Partnership in driving progress. The FAME project’s role in supporting the European CCAM ecosystem through knowledge exchange and international collaboration is also highlighted.

The second paper, Automated Vehicle Testing & Data Collection Efforts focuses on testing and data collection for automated vehicles. It provides insights from international experts and covers topics such as ADS data acquisition and mobility data sharing platforms; the Data Sharing Framework (from past initiatives and projects FESTACARTREARCADE), which now will serve as the basis in the FAME project to develop a Test Data Space to facilitate sharing of data from CCAM testing across projects in EU; European data sharing initiatives and platforms that facilitate data sharing such as DFRS, which aims to support the ITS regulations and improve road safety, the common European mobility data space (EMDS) developments in the EU in terms of the current PrepDSpace4Mobility inventory action. Results from significant projects such as HEADSTART and SUNRISE, which aim to ensure AV safety, also round up the paper’s coverage of solutions for testing the safety and reliability of automated road transport.

The publication of this book is an opportunity to share valuable insights and research trends in the field of connected, cooperative, and automated mobility.