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Testing Infrastructure Fully autonomous vehicles SAE Level 5 and below without wheels and pedals. Can be tested on snow, ice rain, dark road, wet road, dry road and all types of road conditions. Mixed Traffic in cities etc. Procedure Description The organization that like to test need to apply to Nation Public road prior to […]

United Kingdom

Testing Infrastructure Virtual and physical testing across a range of connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) capabilities is taking place in a wide range of public and controlled testing environments. The UK Government is investing £100 million (2017-2021), to be matched by industry to £200 million, to upgrade and coordinate the UK’s capabilities into a world-leading, […]


Testing infrastructure and Procedure Description Testing of automated driving systems on public roads, may happen according to: the Guidelines for Public Road Testing of Automated Driving Systems (National Police Agency, May 2016); another procedure not complying with the Guidelines, always with preliminary advice of the police. The basic conditions for running these tests are as […]


Testing infrastructure and procedure description In the U.S there is not a harmonized regulatory framework for testing in public road through all the States. There are some States through the governor have issued executive orders related to autonomous vehicles: Alabama: SJR 81. Alabama has passed legislation to establish a committee to study self-driving vehicles. Alaska: […]


Testing infrastructure Information is not available. Procedure description CHINA AV Regulation Administrative Rules on Intelligent and Connected Vehicle Road Testing BEIJING AV REGULATION Detailed Implementation Rules of the Beijing Municipality for the Administration of the Road Tests of Autonomous Vehicles Guiding Opinions of the Beijing Municipality on Accelerating the Work of Road Tests for Autonomous […]


In November 2016, Australian transport ministers agreed to a phased reform program so that conditionally automated vehicles can operate safely and legally on our roads before 2020, and highly and fully automated vehicles from 2020. Testing infrastructure and procedure description Approvals under Regulation 11 or Regulation 18 of the Motor Vehicle Standards Regulations 1989 are […]