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Currently being updated and details about that country regulations will be available shortly…

Legislative basis for CCAM testing

Legal basis for testing: Not defined.

Contact information: Estonian Transport Administration (which is this first point of contact also the responsible authority issuing the test permit).

There is no legal framework for CCAM testing yet in Estonia, but there are future legislative regulations planned.


Application Requirements

There is not a document which describes the application procedure, but it is acted as follows:

  1. At first the manufacturer of automated vehicle should send documentation about vehicle.
  2. Secondly, is checked visually, and through documentation, that the automated vehicle complies with requirements according to the category of vehicle.
  3. Then, test on closed area to check that the automated system works correctly and safely should be performed.
  4. At least, test drive on traffic on route where the automated vehicle is intended to be used in testing. The vehicle should demonstrate safe driving and should follow the traffic rules.

There is a test protocol in Estonian language, where are described all the tests. However, it is not in a public website.

List of requirements:

  • Completed application form.
  • Insurance for vehicle.
  • Description of the modifications to the test vehicle (if based on type-approved vehicle).
  • Description of the automated driving function, which is intended to be tested.
  • Conducted risk assessment/ analysis. It depends on technical solutions used and therefore it should made by manufacturer.

Responsible for the safety validation:

Public Authority.

Average handling time for the process: 2-3 month.

Application fee: No.

Is a test permit issued by another country accepted? No.

Conditions for Testing

Permit validity: Not limited.

Other conditions:

The specific stipulations depend on the technical solutions and capabilities of CCAM.


Data Requirements

Black box needed: Yes.

Obligation to report to authority during/after CCAM tests: No.

Obligation to report to authority in case of accident: Yes. The operator of CCAM should inform the authority about accident.

Any other supervision / monitoring performed by the authority: No.

National database for storing reports provided: No.

Requirements on disclosing data during/after tests: No.

Data exchange mechanism specified: No.

Test vehicle needs to be connected and / or cooperative during test: No.


Testing facilities on public roads: No.

Testing facilities on private areas: No.

Cross-border CCAM Testing

Cross-border testing is not allowed.


Supportive Documents

Not defined.

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