Last modified on September 28, 2023


At a National level, vehicle requirements, vehicle identification and registration, exemption legislation and procedures, road safety, traffic rules or driving licenses are regulated both by EU and/ or national standards. In this context, each country has its own specific regulatory framework for AD purposes.

This section includes current national regulations that need to be considered in several European countries in order to run tests involving connected and automated vehicles, and a compilation of the main bodies dealing with national testing regulations. Testing information has been collected for most of the countries in the EU. Most of them provide the necessary information only in their official language. In these cases, an additional effort was needed in order to briefly resume the most important points of the regulations.

Regarding open road driving activities for testing AD functions, it is general practice in several countries in Europe, in order to allow the deployment of Field Operational Tests nationally, to request the following information to the applicant:

  • The applicant (e.g. contacts, insurance).
  • The driver / steward (e.g. understanding of the system).
  • The vehicle (e.g. description, meeting applicable standards).
  • The infrastructure / Operational Domain (e.g. needed for the test).
  • Behaviour (e.g. what driving tasks are automated and need to be tested).
  • Documentation (e.g. Hazard analysis & Risk assessment, Electro-Magnetic Compatibility (EMC)).
  • Results of admittance testing (e.g. safe operation, including stress testing).
  • Results of the field operational tests (e.g. logbooks, evaluation).


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