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Testing infrastructure

Operating on public roads in France is permitted by the French legislative and regulatory framework which includes :

  • A testing framework, under the ordinance 2016-1057, the decree 2018-211 and the order TRER1717820A of 17 April 2018
  • A deployment framework, under the ordinance 2021-443, the decree 2021-873 and several orders of Summer 2022. This framework complements the European vehicle approval framework (including the regulation 2022/1426 “EU ADS”).

In addition to this, France has many facilities to test in controlled environment. For example :

Procedure description

For testing on public roads, it is needed to get a certificate WW DPTC (délégation partielle ou totale de conduite) to perform. The process to complete is described in the order TRER1717820A of 17 April 2018, completed by the decree 2018-211 and the ordinance 2016-1057. It starts with a form to address to a dedicated e-mail box and it finishes with an authorization delivered by the administration (Ministries of Transport and Interior).

For the deployment of services on public roads, the ordinance 2021-443 allowing the deployment of automated passenger and goods transport services, beyond an experimental framework. The decree n° 2021-873 sets conditions to fulfill for passenger services. It covers automation levels up to fully automated systems, provided that these are under supervision of a person in charge of remote intervention and are deployed on pre-defined paths or zones. Beforehand, the vehicle has to be type-approved as defined in the EU “ADS” regulation 2022/1426.

Organisation in charge

Ministry of Ecological Transition (in charge of Transport), with :

  • Ministry of Interior (in charge of Traffic Safety)
  • Ministry of Economy
  • Ministry of Research
  • Ministry of Justice
  • National Agency for Systems Information Security (ANSSI)

Contact information

Link to procedure website

Link to documents

Also from this website, access to :

  • The French national strategy
  • Technical and implementation guidances
  • Data access framework
  • And more

Further comments

All the items presented above are supported by the French national strategy for the deployment of automated and connected road mobility, ensuring its safety. It sets out this objective in specific actions in the regulatory field or in terms of coordination or support.

The national strategy is based on an ecosystem of public and private stakeholders, ensuring the coherence of objectives, actions and agendas, taking into account the evolution of mobility needs and industrial and commercial perspectives.

The following website embedded a map of the experimentations done and ongoing in France :

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