Testing Infrastructure

Public roads.

Procedure Description

Close cooperation with the automotive stakeholders.

The Hungarian approach shifted to the self-certification direction putting all the liability to the highest-ranking officer of the vehicle developer company.

Legislation modification date of release 12/04/2017.

“5/1990. (IV. 12.) KöHÉM rendelet”

“6/1990. (IV. 12.) KöHÉM rendelet”

Legislation modification date of entry into force 27/04/2017.

  • At the Ministry of National Development the developer company must register itself as vehicle developer.
  • The developer has to report what tests he usually performs.
  • Tests over SAE Level 2 should be reported one by one.
  • A specially trained test driver can perform the tests.
  • Tests can be performed with continuous data recording to support the reconstruction of the unexpected road accident.

Organisation(s) in Charge

Hungarian Ministry of National Development.

Contact Information

Hungarian Ministry of National Development.

Link to Procedure Website

Not available.

Link to Documents

Further Comments

The law modification helps the testing company/organization to make it as simple as possible to run its road tests with safety in mind.

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