Testing infrastructure

Any road infrastructure can be used for testing.

Procedure description

A local authority (a municipality or the authority responsible for the infrastructure) requires to the Italian Ministry of Transport division 5 the certification of a new transport system. It prepares a dossier according to the EN 50126 technical standard to make a risk assessment study. The Ministry technicians prepare observations and comments to the project which must be amended accordingly. A commission of national experts (normally chaired by a high ranking official of the Ministry; a vice minister or so) examines the dossier and when satisfied issues a temporary certification to operate in dry run mode. Results of dry runs are provided and if positive the certification to open to public is issued.
This procedure, though commonly used, is not standard and may vary from case to case depending on the complexity of the system

Organisation(s) in charge

Division 5 of the Italian Ministry of Transport in charge of guided transport system certification

Contact information

Ministero della Infrastrutture e dei Transporti

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Circulation test 

Link to documents

The reference document is the road code:

Further comments

No permanent application nor fully driverless testing is foreseen with this procedure before a legal change.

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