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Testing infrastructure

Malta government is currently introducing the project MISAM (Malta’s Introduction of Shared Autonomous Mobility), which seeks a gradual implementation of self-driving vehicles on Malta’s roads. Introduction of level 2 (partially automated) vehicles have been achieved in the past years.

The first AV to travel on public roads has been a bus developed by the University of Malta. The routes that the bus is operating take place in Valletta urban environment.

Procedure description

It is expected that the MISAM project will draft a national roadmap to introduce Level 4 and Level 5 Autonomous Vehicles on the roads in Malta, and focus on the legal, the governance, the technological and infrastructural prerequisites of these kinds of systems. The procedure of introducing customer vehicles on the streets, as well as testing by manufacturers, is to be defined.

Organization in charge

Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects.

Contact information

Waiting for information by the responsible organizations for this country.

Link to procedure website

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