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Procedure Description

The overall process to obtain a permit is as follows:

  1. The applicant first submits a letter of interest.
  2. We arrange an initial meeting with the applicant,where we will ask them to present their plan with the trial operation and their technology. We will also inform them about the application process, the safety requirements etc. and our fees and charges.
  3. When we have received the application, we will process it by reviewing the enclosed documents. If necessary,we will ask for additional information, have further meetings, visit the applicant for demonstrations etc. The Swedish Transport Agency prefers to have all information sent to us,but sometimes actual demonstrations are necessary. Also, in some cases,the applicant is unwilling to send us classified documents,preferring to show them to us at their facilities.
  4. For some trial operations, the actual route of the experiment needs to be scanned by the vehicle before the operation can begin. In these cases,we issue a temporary permit.
  5. When the application has been processed and we find that it is complete and fulfills the requirements stated in ordinance 2017:309 and regulations TSFS 2021:4, we will issue two permits:one for the trial operation and one for the vehicle(s).
  6. During the trial operation,the applicant is obliged to report any incidents. For some permits,we have terms that allow us to audit the applicant to check that they follow their own processes as described in their application.
  7. Every year, the applicant shall submit a written report about the trial operation.

The application process

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Swedish Transport Agency

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Swedish Transport Agency

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Permit for trial operation with self-driving vehicles: description of the application process

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