Associated events

ARCADE will organise two stakeholder workshops respectively on 11 May (registration already open) and 16 June 2021:

Workshop on Edge Cases for Automated Driving
11 May 2021 (online)

Edge cases are essential for validation of automated driving as they present rare situations that an automated vehicle may encounter in its lifetime. Edge cases can be seen as an essential addition to scenario databases. They may also include human behaviour aspects.

The workshop will introduce various views on edge cases in the morning webinar. The afternoon workshop will explore promising approaches and quality aspects of edge cases in various break-out sessions.

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International workshop on “Vehicle Technologies for CCAM”
16 June 2021 (online)

The workshop will provide a perspective on the current state-of-the-art and expected developments over the coming years based on relevant first-hand experience from different stakeholders directly involved in the development and implementation of Vehicles Technologies in Europe and from around the world. Topics addressed include Environment Perception, On-Board Decision-Making also using Artificial Intelligence, Passive & Active Safety, HMI, User-centric design for well-being and Inclusiveness, etc.

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Participants from the private and the public sectors

Representatives from the European Institutions

Representatives from the automotive and telecom industries


Road operators, public transport operators, regulators


Research centres and universities

Speakers from the US, Japan and other non-European countries