European Partnership on CCAM

The CCAM (Connected Cooperative Automated Mobility) Partnership aligns all stakeholders’ R&I efforts to accelerate the implementation of innovative CCAM technologies and services in Europe. It aims to exploit the full systemic benefits of new mobility solutions enabled by CCAM: increased safety, reduced environmental impacts, and inclusiveness. The Partnership will develop and implement a shared, coherent and long-term R&I agenda by bringing together the complex cross-sectoral value chain actors with the joint vision: “European leadership in safe and sustainable road transport through automation”.

A new Association is being set up to support to support the CCAM Partnership, proposed under Horizon Europe. The CCAM Association aims to gather all types of stakeholders willing to collaborate at European level to advance CCAM: industry, universities and research institutes, services providers, associations and clusters, and public authorities from national and local levels.

Join the 144 members who have already committed to contribute to the CCAM Partnership by filling in the membership application form* (to be returned to

*Please pay particular attention to the eligibility criteria (art.5.1) and the definition of the categories (art.5.2).

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Participants from the private and the public sectors

Representatives from the European Institutions

Representatives from the automotive and telecom industries


Road operators, public transport operators, regulators


Research centres and universities

Speakers from the US, Japan and other non-European countries