In recent years, public and private actors have joined forces to bridge the gap between the development and deployment of CCAM: the European CCAM Partnership has provided the ideal framework to accelerate innovation and remove barriers at technical, operational, societal and economic level. Yet as we move towards large-scale deployment by 2030, we must continue to advance the technology readiness and maturity of CCAM solutions, tackle regulatory bottlenecks, scale-up public and private investments, and better understand our societal and environmental needs and expectations.

Discussions at EUCAD2023 will feed into the update of the Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda of the CCAM Partnership, thereby allowing participants to help shape future R&I priorities and strategic objectives.


  • Demonstrate the impact of the CCAM Partnership by highlighting its activities under Horizon Europe, with particular emphasis on the first results from the 2021-2022 Horizon Europe calls;
  • Take stock of latest policy, research and regulatory developments on CCAM: in particular, indicate how R&I can answer to specific policy and societal issues, thereby illustrating the need for European political and technological leadership in developing automated mobility solutions;
  • Allow major road transport stakeholders to participate in active debates in order to network and exchange knowledge on the most recent technological developments and policies in the area of CCAM;
  • Promote the uptake of European R&I activities and results to support the market deployment of CCAM solutions;
  • Identify outstanding gaps, synergies and cross-sectoral cooperation required across thematic areas;
  • Provide input to the Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda of the CCAM Partnership to reflect latest R&I priorities and strategic objectives towards the implementation of large-scale CCAM demonstrations.


Participants from the private and the public sectors

Representatives from the European Institutions

Representatives from the automotive and telecom industries


Road operators, public transport operators, regulators

Research centres and universities

Insurance companies


Speakers from the US, Japan and other non-European countries