Annex 2. Data processing and sharing agreement template within project consortia

For projects with low sensitivity data, this template supports data owners in sharing data within the consortium. Given the non-critical nature of the data, comprehensive agreements may be unnecessary. However, basic GDPR compliance must still be met.

Data Processing Guidelines and Agreement

[Your project] – [Your test site]

Data owner main contact: [Name], [Organization]

Purpose of data collection and processing

Log data has been acquired from [Specific Source, e.g., “automated vehicles”] for the purpose of the project’s evaluation. The evaluation covers safety, efficiency, environmental and societal impacts. The data is not to be used to single out individual persons in analyses but evaluation results are to cover averages. Further details of evaluation goals can be found in [test plan report]. (In accordance with GDPR Article 30 on the documentation of processing activities)

Consent & Notification

Explicit consent has been obtained from participants, allowing for the sharing and analysis of the collected data.

Data collection processes have been clearly communicated with relevant stakeholders. Notices were visibly displayed, and necessary personnel were duly informed. (In line with GDPR Article 13 on transparency obligations)

Confidentiality & Risk Assessment

While parts of the dataset may contain personal or confidential data, the nature of this data poses minimal risk even in the event of unauthorized access. Nevertheless, the data is shared as confidential, with stricter guidelines available in the project consortium agreement.

In the event of a data breach, significant harm appears unlikely due to the nature of the data and the testing environment. Despite this, all data is well-protected against unintended leaks. (In relation to Data Protection Impact Assessment, as per GDPR Article 35)

Data Sharing

Data is exclusively accessible to named evaluation experts, shared under the confidentiality clause of the project consortium agreement. Only the data owner possesses rights to distribute the dataset.


All data will be deleted no later than a year after project completion. Only certain mutually agreed data will be retained longer, exclusively for specific purposes, like presentation video clips.

Acknowledgment and Agreement

Members of the consortium acknowledge and agree to the terms laid out above:

[Name, Email] _________________________ Date: ________

[Name, Email] _________________________ Date: ________