9.1 Application procedure for data access and usage

The application procedure shall address the following items (at least):

  • Application submission: information regarding where and how to send in the application, as well as a contact person for questions regarding the application.
  • Information needed for evaluation: the application procedure should specify the information that is needed to evaluate the application. This may include the definition of:
    • Approval authority: the identification of person/organisation approving an application
    • Response times and conditions: to be taken into account in the approval decision
    • Mandatory training: if there are any requirements for mandatory training in data protection and privacy issues
    • Non-disclosure Agreements (NDA): requirement for signing an NDA
    • Data-access procedure: requirements for data protection, including possible certification of data-protection implementation
    • Conditions for access and use of the data, including potential costs for data storage, access, support and research services
    • Acknowledgements on publications, reports and presentations
    • Documentation of data applications and the related approval decision(s).
  • Application form: containing the necessary information about the intended use of data for the application.